The team to call for job interview help in Wellington and Palmerston North 

Here at CV Magic, our experienced team can help you secure the job of your dreams! We offer all the services you need for your ongoing career, including:
  • CV and Résumé Preparation
  • Cover Letters
  • Interview Techniques and Preparation Support
  • Job Hunting Techniques and Support 
  • Outplacement support directly through employers - (contracted to CDL, Vitae and EAP)
  • Career exploration and advice for clients at every stage of their career
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator® Profiling as a Certified User 
  • Vocational Rehabilitation IOA and VIOA (contracted to ACC)
  • Work Ready Programmes and Job Search Support Programmes (contracted to ACC)

Our Rates

The cost for this service depends upon the time taken to prepare and finalise the document. Indicative price ranges are:
Student Résumé $170 to $220
Some Commercial Skills to Middle Management $200 to $300
Executive $300 to $400
Functional From $350

Optional Extras

Looking for something a little extra from your CV? Check out our range of products and services below. If you have any questions about these optional extras, please make sure to jump on the phone and have a chat to our team today- we will help you ascertain what you need for your career.
Data e-mail copy No Charge
Extra CV copies $15 per copy (bound)
Cover letters From $60
Scanned photographs/graphics Negotiable
On-line Application Support Hourly rate of $115.00
Myers Briggs Type Indicator® $250 ($200 when completed with a CV document)
All prices include GST.

If you have any questions about the ‘CV Magic’ approach, please feel free to get in touch with our team today! 

Call us on 027 454 0945

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