CV Assessment

Get a professional to rate your CV in Wellington and Palmerton North

Looking for someone to rate your CV? Here at CV Magic, we know what employers are looking for in a CV and that’s why we’re committed to improving your CV. In fact, we have reviewed over a thousand separate CV-s throughout our years of service – so we can rate your CV against known employer criteria.

Magical CV Calculator

1. How many pages in your CV document (exclude any cover page)?
     3 or less
    6 or more
2. How many workplace achievements have you listed in the document?
    Over 8
3. How many professional competencies have you listed in the document?
4. How many personal strengths have you listed in the document (exclude punctual, hardworking and diligent!)?
5. How did you list your employment history?
     First job to last
     Last job to first
6. Did you have a Profile/Sales Pitch first on page one?

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